Why ICON makes the best bags for people who are always travelling?

Why ICON makes the best bags for people who are always travelling?

Introduction: Welcome, fellow jet-setters, to the ultimate crash course in mastering business travel with ICON's versatile cabin suitcase. Say goodbye to the days of lugging around bulky luggage and hello to seamless, stylish travels that scream elegance. Let's dive into our top-notch packing tips that will have you strutting through airports like a seasoned pro.

Size Does Matter (But Not How You Think): Are you someone who always travel for work and has no time to go through check in process? ICON’s cabin suitcase will always be there to save your time and money, with its 20-inch frame, is the perfect size to glide effortlessly through those pesky TSA lines and fit snugly into overhead compartments. No more waiting for checked bags or worrying about lost luggage. Save your time, save your sanity, save your extra baggage cost and opt for the cabin-sized champ that’s designed for the people who are always on the go.

Organization is Key (But Not Just for Your Inbox): We're all about that - Travel like a boss, but let's extend that organization prowess to our packing game, shall we? Invest in packing cubes and ICON’s organisers to keep your essentials neatly separated and avoid the dreaded sock-and-underwear explosion upon arrival. With ICON's spacious interior and OEKO-TEX Certified Material, you'll have room to spare for all your favorite attire.

Tech Savvy or Tech Slacker? You Decide: Embrace your inner techie (or at least pretend to) by investing in a cabin bag that is not only functionable but super fashionable. If you are someone who is constantly charging their phone can have ICON's Signature Plus cabin suitcase or Vintage Cabin Suitcase which boasts a USB slot for easy charging on the go, because who has time to search for elusive airport outlets? Stay connected, stay charged, and stay ahead of the game. With the ICON’s cabin suitcase not only they have so many functions but you can rock your fashion aesthetics as well.

Dress to Impress (Even at 30,000 Feet): They say dress for the job you want, but we say dress for the upgrade you deserve. Pair ICON’s briefcase, handbags and tote bags with your ultimate fashion styles, we bet that you will rock in your meetings or can surely manage to get asked by your co - passengers “Wow you look amazing with that bag, where did you buy it from?”


Snack Attack: Fuel Your Hustle: Let's be real – airline food is about as inspiring as a Monday morning meeting. Pack your own snacks to keep hunger at bay and your energy levels soaring. From protein bars to trail mix, your ICON backpacks, handbags and tote bags have room for all your last moment snacks or meals from your loved ones. Eat it anywhere so you can stay fueled and focused throughout your journey. Just pair it with your cabin suitcase and be ready for the head turns.

Savvy Souvenirs: Shop Smart, Pack Smarter: For the backpackers, those novelty shot glasses and tacky t-shirts might seem like a good idea at the time, but do you really need another dust collector? Exercise restraint when it comes to souvenirs, and opt for meaningful mementos, your ICON overnighter backpack will thank you for the extra space. Surely one of the best backpacks for solo backpacking trips.

Conclusion: And there you have it, folks – whether you are travelling for work or going on solo backpacking trips With these savvy packing tips in your arsenal, you'll be jet-setting like a pro in no time. ICON will always be your companion in making your journeys successful.

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